Polski Education, promotion and organization of volunteer work, cultural activities,
international cooperation, vocational, ecology

Title of the project: Action-Education (2014-2015)

 Our Project aimed at generally understood promotion of interculturaly education and information.

The project lasted14 months and the volunteer's work 12 months. The volunteer had four main activities: teaching Spanish language, conducting
different kinds of activities for the kids from kindergarten, promoting an EVS and realizing his own ideas. The volunteer leaded also classes for
promoting the culture and art of his country through the presentations he prepared. It was important for us to give him the possibility to realize his
own ideas which let the people living in our small city to get out from their houses and get the informations about the life, culture and mainly the
language of the other country.
The acquired skills helped him with finding a job in Poland, which is consistent with his education and interests. We wanted our volunteer to know
the good and bad sides of his personality and discover what interests him the most, through realizing his own initiatives in different areas, to help
him in finding a job after EVS.
Our project made the life of local community more varied and brought to it new values.
In the frame of this project we wanted to make a partnership with sending organization to continue it in the future, but unfortunately it didn't work.