Polski Education, promotion and organization of volunteer work, cultural activities,
international cooperation, vocational, ecology

Title of the project: Action-Education (2014-2015)

Our project aimed at education of the local community in every age, from Lębork and neighborhood, mostly through the teaching foreign languages, but also other activities. The project lasted 14 months and the volunteers' work different time periods, becuase of the life situations. The volunteers had three common for them activities: teaching French, Italian, Georgian language, promoting the European Voluntary Service and realizing their own ideas. It was important for us to give to the volunteers the possibility to realize their own ideas which let the people living in our
small city to get out from their houses and get the informations about the life, culture and mainly the language of the other country. Except those common activities, every volunteer worked individually in different institution, where she helped in the everyday work and/or leaded their own classes:
- the volunteer from France in the orphanage in Lębork,
- the volunteer from Italy in the kindergarten in Lębork,
- the volunteer from Georgia in the social welfare house with seniors and in the library with children (once a week); she also took care of the webpage of our Association and leaded different kind of activities for seniors and volunteers from the School Voluntary Club.
After choosing the specific volunteers and after they came to Poland and we eveluated their work again, the activities were a little bit changed then in the application form.
The acquired skills helped them with finding a job which is consistent with their education and interests. Our volunteers had the possibility to know the good and bad sides of their personality and discover what interests them the most, through realizing their own initiatives in different areas. It helped them to find a job which they wanted, after returning to their countries.
Our project made the life of local community more varied and brought to it new values.