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CULTURE4ALL from 1/05/2015 to 1/10/2016

Project "Culture4ALL" involved the cultural education of local community in every age and life situation, in Lębork and neighborhood and in Bytów. Project lastd 17 months and volunteers' work was suppose to last 12 months, but at the end the time for each volunteer was: - for the volunteer from Georgia - 221 days (about 7 months) - because of the health condition and operation; - for the volunteer from France - 256 days (about 8 months) - because of finding a job in Poland; - for the volunteer from Italy - 261 days (about 8 months) - because of finding a job in Poland. The work of the volunteer from Spain, hosted in the PARASOL Foundation, lasted as we expected - 12 months. But the starting date was delayed, because we had difficulties with finding a volunteer, who would like to come to Bytów in July, like we wrote in the application form. Volunteers were involved in two main activities: teaching French, Italian, Russian and Spanish language and work with chosen recipient's group: - old people (also disabled) from social care home and seniors, through moving exercises; - disabled kids/teenagers; - kids form the kindergarten; - tourists visiting Bytów and youth, in frame of Eurodesk relay in Bytów. Except aforementioned activities, every volunteer promoted EVS in local community and depending on his/her choice: coordinated youth exchanges and other European projects, filled in the webpage of EDUQ Association in English or organized cultural workshops (volunteer in Bytów). We were eager to volunteers' activities allow people living in our small towns (Lębork and Bytów), to go out of the houses and get information about life, culture, and language of other countries. We managed to involve new people, who have never had contact with the foreign people, in the activities of EVS volunteers. The realization of our project made the life of local community more varied and brought to it new values. The acquired and improved skills helped two of the volunteers to find a job during their EVS, so they had ti finish it earlier. The volunteeer from Spain found a an additional voluntery service in Warsaw, after the end of his project. During the EVS, volunteers found out the good and bad sides of their personality and discover what interests them the most. Troughout the project realization, one new organizations got the accreditation for hosting EVS volunteers. We hope that with time, there will be more of them. Now, when the project is finished, we continue the cooperation only with the organization from Italy and Spain, because of the need of hosting the volunteers from these countries and because of the limit of the places in our accreditations