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international cooperation, vocational, ecology

Zhuzhana Melkadze

Under the "Youth in Action" program and in partnership with the Association "Georgian Youth for Europe" hosted Zhuzhana Melkadze from Georgia. The project called Action ­ Information.

During hier stay in Poland Zhuzhana Melkadze realized the following activities:

  • ­ Learning Polish language
  • ­ Assistance in kindergarten ­ language classes, help with daily activities
  • ­ Support the activities of the Museum in Lebork.
  • ­ Assistance in preparing and conducting lessons on the EVS Eurodesk
  • ­ Assistance in writing a request for international exchange
  • ­ Assistance in the implementation of activities and events organized by the Association.
  • ­ Realization of their own initiatives, involving, among others, to promote Georgian culture.

Zhuzhana throughout herstay in Poland was supported by a mentor and coordinator of the project, was also in constant contact with the sending organization.

The project lasted 12 months and ended in complete success and a full evaluation.