Polski Education, promotion and organization of volunteer work, cultural activities,
international cooperation, vocational, ecology

Anna Villar Artesero

 Anna Villar Artesero 2011-09-26 until 2012-06-13 Fundacio Catalunya Voluntaria

Our project aimed at generally understood promotion of interculturaly education and information. During near 9 months of Evs volunteerhad an opportunity to smuggle her culture into various activities that our Association was involved in. EVSvolunteer had an opportunity to work with various groups- starting from young children, teenagers and adults, teachers and trainers active in our organization. Anna , volunteer from Spain  had an opportunity to try herself in various areas: helping with interactive EURODESK lessons about mobility, voluntary and youth policy, helping running Spanish language and culture classes, preparing multimedia presentation and exhibitions of spanish culture, cooperating (planning, realizing and evaluating) in various activities (indoor and outdoor) organisd by local volunteers, helping with daily activities in local museum.Wich is cooperating with our organization. EVS project lasted almost nine months and was held in Lębork, Poland.