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European Voluntary Service

Erasmus+ Programme is the continuation (2014-2020) of the Youth in Action, Lifelong Learning Programmes and others (2007-2013).

It offers the financial Support for the institutions and organizations, which work in the field of education and trainings, youth and sport in Europe.

Erasmus+ Programme has to contribute to the development of competences of its participants and to increasing their chances to get job as well as to the modernization of the education, trainings systems and supporting youth.

European Voluntary Service

The voluntary service can be the great introduction to the professional career, detachment from everyday life, the way to satisfy the ambitions or the perfect answer for the need to do something selfless to the others, not in our country, but abroad. You don’t have to have the special skills, you just need to have the willingness to work.

The volunteer can be every person, who is between 17 – 30 years old.

Voluntary service can last from 2 to 12 months.

The sending organization is responsible for preparing volunteers and providing them the support before, during and after their work in frame of the European Voluntary Service.

The responsibility of the hosting organization is to ensure the safety and appropriate conditions for the volunteers during their whole voluntary service. This organization has to provide also the appropriate individual and language support as well as support connected to their activities.

Coordinating organization has the task to make the realization of the project easier by offering the administrative service and quality support to all project partners and creating for them the good working conditions.


  1. Translation in Georgian language

    EVS „ევროპული მოხალისეობრივი სერვისი“ მოხალისეობა იძლევა კარიერის წამოწყების, ყოველდღიური რუტინისაგან თავის დაღწევისა და ამბიციების შესრულების შესაძლებლობას, ისევე როგორც იდეალური პასუხია მოთხოვნაზე, გააკეთო საქმე უანგაროდ, სხვების სასარგებლოდ შენს ქვეყნის გარეთ. არ არის საჭირო სპეციალური კვალიფიკაცია, გარდა სურვილისა, რომ იმოქმედო.  

  2. Translation in Portuguese language
  3. Translation in Spanish language
  4. Translation in Italian language