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Eurodesk- European Youth Information

What is Eurodesk?

Eurodesk is an international nonprofit association created in 1990. As support organisation to the Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020) comprehensive and most accessible source of free youth information about international learning mobility opportunities. 

Today, more than 1000 youth professionals streamline and disseminate in our name information about learning mobility opportunities to young people in Europe.

As of today, Eurodesk is present in 34 countries. In these countries, Eurodesk Centres help multipliers in their work to carry out Eurodesk’s mission: ‘to raise awareness among young people on learning mobility opportunities and encourage them to become active citizens.’ To get in contact with the Eurodesk Centres or multipliers in your country, please visit the Our network page. With more general questions, you can reach us at info@eurodesk.eu

What offer Eurodesk? 

Eurodesk is a European-wide network and its services may vary from country to country.  Nevertheless, a Eurodesk member (multiplier) will always benefit from three main services provided by national Eurodesk Centres and in a few cases, Eurodesk Brussels Link.

Do you want more information about Eurodesk? please go to this website https://eurodesk.eu/