Polski Education, promotion and organization of volunteer work, cultural activities,
international cooperation, vocational, ecology

EDUQ's workers

Alina Fegler-Kotkiewicz, President

Mrs Alina is responsible for decision-making and teaching English. She is also the formal-legal and job advisor. She is the main heart of EDUQ Association, full of life and new, fresh ideas.


+48 728 934 712

Maria Malak, Vice-President

Mrs Maria works with youth in the Regional Youth Centre.

Hanna Janczak, Secretary

Mrs Hanna works with the seniors and youth.

Marta Juchniewicz, Cashier, Office worker

Marta is a brain of the Association. She is responsible for all documentation and money. She is also the specialist for information in our Non Governmental Organizations' Center.


+48 69 242 952

Magdalena Pipka, Member of the Association, Specialist for information

Magda gives the best advices in the region to the other Non Governmental Organizations which are going to be formed or already exists. She is also the 'calling center' - there is no person in the world that Magda would be afraid to call to !


+48 728 945 959

Agnieszka Warlikowska, Coordinator of the international projects

Agnieszka is responsible for all the international projects which Association is a partner in or the organizator. She is also the coordinator of EVS volunteers and foreign internships' participants.
Agnieszka is responsible for the Language Courses too.


+48 530 911 628

 Angelika Julita Kujaczyńska, Office worker

Angelika is responsable for all 


+48 531 737 430